First Training Session: £2,330.00

Second Training Session: £2,330.00

Third Training Session: £ 950.00


INITIAL ASSESSMENT: Before a patient starts ABR for the first time an Initial Assessment is required. This cost is incurred by new patients only on a "one off" basis, thereafter Annual Assessments are included within the Total Annual Cost above. The Initial Assessment Fee is payable when reserving a place and is non-refundable.

Initial Assessment Fee: £250.00


1. All costs are in sterling (GBP) and include UK VAT at the prevailing rate.

2. The Total Annual Cost of £5,610.00 is based on the child attending all three training sessions that year (based on when they entered the programme). Should a child miss a training session they automatically loose the right to the discounted third payment for that year. We are very confident in our therapy therefore ABR Therapy (Scotland) Limited do not require clients to sign contracts or to commit themselves to a specific duration on the ABR programme. By way of encouraging our clients to get the best out of ABR for their child we encourage them to attend all 3 training sessions each year and we have structured the payment plan in accordance with that desire and reserve the right to remove a child from the programme where non-attendance becomes an issue.

3. With the exception of the Initial Asessment Fee all payments become due 30 days before the start of the next training session.

4. Training sessions are normally in March, June and October. We will do our best to give existing clients as much notice as possible of dates and times. Should a client be in a position where they cannot make a particular session they should inform us immediately. In these circumstances, and in other circumstances not reasonably within your control, no charge will be made for the session missed.

5. ABR Therapy (Scotland) Ltd reserves the right to remove a child from the programme for non-attendance and allocate their place to another child.

6. The Total Annual Costs includes all foams, towelling, balls and other rolling devices but does not include the cost of any specialist equipment the client may consider purchasing e.g. massage table. Sometimes other optional serices may be offered by our Belgian colleagues e.g. ABR machine, Infra-red vests, special gel etc. These products are not essential to the child's programme although the child may benefit from their provision. In these circumstances clients will be required to purchase these services direct from ABR Belgium as they are not included in the Total Annual Cost.

7. Payments can be made by cheque, banker's draft, cash or electronic transfer. Cheques should be made payable to "ABR Therapy (Scotland) Ltd and sent to the address on the "Contact Us" page. Bank account details (including IBAN and BIC numbers for those outwith the UK. Clents from outwith the sterling zone must ensure that the total amount payable in GBP reaches our account net of any charges.

8. In all circumstances you should NOT make any payment until you have secured a place. Invoices will be sent electronically unless exceptional circumstances exist.

9. Should you be in any doubt please don't hesitate to get in touch.


a) ABR Therapy (Scotland) Ltd does not share, sell or rent your information to anu other company or organisation.*** For practical purposes we do require to share information with other ABR organisations, especially ABR Belgium who provide our assessment and training programmes. ABR Therapy (Scotland) Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office - registration number ZA026356 applies.

*** We may sometimes be asked to share information with different parts of the NHS or private medical provider engaged by you. In these circumstances we will first approach you to ask for your approval before forwarding any information. You reserve the right to refuse such an approach and to instrct us accordingly.

b) ABR Therapy (Scotland) Ltd holds Social Welfare Combined insurance providing General Liability (including Public Liability and Product Liability) and Professional Liability with Merkel (UK) Ltd for the for the physical assessmentof children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other brain injuries plus the teaching of ABR techniques. The policy is underwritten by the Merkel International Insurance Company Limited.